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    Nokia 3110 Classic

    Hi all,

    I want to buy Nokia 3110 Classic is it worth phone for buying??

    And dealer offer free memory card with it??? if yes where in poona india???

    What it its bad thing and good thing in it??????? Near about its worth INR 6800/-


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    Smile Re: Nokia 3110 Classic

    Nokia 3110 Classic is in reality a classic phone. Its got almost everything and every function that the E and N series offers and that too at a reasonable cost. Since you are gettin a memory card free then i'll suggest that its a best buy. You can see the details of this phone on nokia's website. Good day....

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    Re: Nokia 3110 Classic

    3110 Classic was compared to the E & N series devices related to the features, but one thing had to clarify. 3110 Classic is Series 40 device with Nokia OS.


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