Hello, I'm Ilias from Greece and I've been developing a small card game for my Nokia 6288 on the J2ME WTK2.2 emulator using MIDP2.0 , CLDC 1.1
Somewhere in the code I've put these two lines just to produce a sound when the user hits a key:
try{Manager.playTone(41, 24, 200);}
catch (MediaException me) {} ...

My problem is that on my 6288 this sound plays exactly 30 times (after 30 key presses) and then goes mute for the rest of the game. When I get out of the application and re-enter, it does it again for 30 times. Note that on the WTK2.2 emulator there's no problem.
I noticed the same thing when running the "Wormgame" (the demo game in the WTK22 SDK).The game's sounds go mute afer a while.

Is it a device memory problem? Do I have to call Manager.playTone() in a different thread? I would appreciate it if anybody gave me a clue. Thanx.