Hi everybody. I'm implementing a Wap application running on Apache Tomcat web server v.4.0.4. The WML code is generated by some JSP pages that using JSP Tag Library.
The situation --> The first JSP page generates the first DECK. In this deck I put a "login" form. That's the syntax:
<do type="accept" label="login" >
<go href="check.jsp" method="post" >
<postfield name="userID" value="$(userID)" />
<postfield name="Password" value="$(password)" />

In the second deck (I mean the next JSP page), a Java procedure sends the collected data to a database in order to check if that user has the rights to use the system. The Java module is "imported" in the JSP page.

The problem --> After collecting data in the first deck, it sends them (I suppose) to the second deck (generated by Tomcat) but the value of the variables is "null", so that it can't extract data from database.
What do I wrong?
Thank you in advance