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Thread: Import mmp

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    Import mmp

    Hi, I've downloaded Free version of Carbide. But I haven't discovered any way to import project from mmp. I've read on forums about such a ways: File->Open Project or File->Import->From mmp.., but I can't find'em.

    Q: How to create project from mmp file in Carbide 1.2 Express?

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    Re: Import mmp

    Yep, I didn't find it either, basically had to write bld.inf file that specifies the mmp files to be included and use it in the importing...


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    Smile Re: Import mmp

    You have to go in project folder then group then u can see the .mmp file for examples importing.

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    Re: Import mmp

    Hi. i just started learning Symbian OS programming with Carbid.c++ v1.2. I came across this problem.
    The thing here is, that when you try to import Symbian MMP file into your workspace, you cant...you only have 2 choices:
    - Symbian OS Bld.inf file
    - Symbian OS Executable
    (you cant select Symbian OS MMP file and thus cant see it even if you go project folder->group). Thats very inconvenient when you're only learning the whole thing and the instructions say: Select ''Symbian MMP file'' as import source.. =)
    So i did what yucca suggested (thank you):
    i created a .txt file and renamed it into ''Bld.inf''. and then i wrote inside


    i dont know any other way to create a Bld.inf file atm
    hope this will be useful to someone

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