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    How to pass MEM-02?

    I have a strange problem with Symbian Signed test tool. After step 14(MEM-02) it says:

    Testing aborted:
    User cancelled testing.

    Well, I didn't.
    The log file says:

    OK GEN-02 Stress Test.
    OK Run tested app while sending rapid key events.

    not run MEM-02 Low Storage Memory During Execution.
    FAIL App can be run while storage mem is low & will not fill storage.
    OK Close app before test, in case running already.
    FAIL Running of app recording. Should not terminate unexpectedly.

    not run PHN-01 Service Interruption. (call, SMS, MMS, alarm, charger)

    The place where my application crashes is here:

    //make sure there is at least 1MB free on the installation drive

    It shows a proper system message, which should be ok to handle low mem situations according to SyS documentation.
    The application either runs successfully or provides appropriate warning messages to the user to explain why it cannot run.
    So why does the tool stop? I never reach test 15.
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