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    Exclamation Capabilities and KErrCorrupt

    Hi All!

    I have the application in 3rd edition which uses the following capabilities-

    ReadUserData WriteUserData UserEnvironment NetworkServices

    I am using SyExpat open source library in my app.

    The UID is protected one 0x20002F05

    I got the developer certificate from www.symbiansigned.com

    I compiled the app n dll from command prompt.

    Got the signed sis.

    The app gets installed on the device(N80) and when i try to open it,
    it gives me menu:system error -20

    Gone through the thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=72394

    I tried giving eqaul capabilities in dll too. But it doesnt help.

    What may be causing KErrCorrupt..?

    Any pointers regarding this will be highly appreciated.

    Shilpa Kulkarni

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    Re: Capabilities and KErrCorrupt

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