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    Question A problem while running application on mobile


    I developed an application. It is deployed and run successfully on the emulator of series 40 and 60.

    My application is signed by "Digital ID Class 3 - Java Object Signing from VeriSign" using NDS 3.0 and deployed by Nokia PC Suite 6.83

    When I run this application on mobile (3110 classic, 6181), it usually work perfectly. But sometimes it throws the exception "ClassNotFound", and when i open it again the exception is not occured.

    I do not know what the cuase is.

    Do anyone have experience like this?
    Any idea or advice to find out and solve this problem?
    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: A problem while running application on mobile

    Judging by the exception you are trying to refer to a class which is not avaialble in the Java environment nor in the JAR file. What line causes the exception?


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    Re: A problem while running application on mobile

    log each line and try to find the line at which exception is occuring. also create the jar file again and install it may be jar file got corrupt.

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    Re: A problem while running application on mobile

    The JAR is fine, as it works when run again. I've seen the same thing on the 5300 from time to time, usually when working with really large JAR files. My guess is that the JVM is just getting ahead of itself and running the MIDlet before it's finished loading all the classes from the JAR. If it's a real problem, try adding a splash screen to provide time for the rest of the JAR to load (hopefully the classes/resources to display the splash screen get loaded in time).

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