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Thread: i-PAQ KVM

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    Post i-PAQ KVM

    Hi (sorry for my english, I'm french)

    I creating a J2me aplication in Midp 2.0 and cldc 1.1
    i-PAQ (6915) support mmapi and wmapi.

    the i-PAQ KVM is intent midlet manager.

    my application don't work on the i-PAQ because it don't find the mmapi and wmapi. Have you got a solution? please

    I think it's probably the KVM but i'm not sure and I don't find other KVM.

    Thanks for your answers

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    Re: i-PAQ KVM

    Perhaps you should ask Hewlett-Packard about their J2ME implementation, as neither the device, nor the Java implementation is coming from Nokia on an iPAQ device?

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