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    NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    Hi everyone,

    We now have a new page on NFC Forum Nokia Wiki that contains a few NFC Java code examples:


    You can find a couple of examples that show how to use the PushRegistry to autolaunch MIDlets when touching a tag and also one that shows how to read NDEF tags UIDs.

    The example MIDlets used in Wima 2007, Monaco, are also available at this location.

    We are planning to update this NFC Java code example section and add more MIDlets as soon as we have them available, so please make sure you visit the page once in a while to see what else has been added.

    Also, please feel free to ask questions about any of the MIDlets or suggest other examples that you would like us to provide.

    We hope you will find the ones we have so far useful.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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    Wink Re: NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    Good job Raluca !
    Other code examples have already been posted by users. Maybe you can add them to the WIKI ? It would be great to have code samples for each NFC functionality.

    Read Mifare UID, see http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=109408

    Internal SE connection

    Finalist, First European NFC Competition 2007
    2nd Prize Research Track, NFC Forum Global Competition 2008
    NFC Project Manager at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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    Re: NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    Hi tdelazzari as well as all the rest of the NFC developers.

    We will definitely write example midlets of the topics that seem to need the examples. But we will not publish code examples from the forums to our wiki without writers’ permission.

    But luckily, as wiki is developer community, you can add your own examples to there yourself. And in addition that you can, we recommend you to do so :)

    Here is a short guide to add your own example code:
    1. Go to wiki.forum.nokia.com.
    2. Log in with your forum Nokia account.
    3. Write the name of your example to search box and press Go.
    4. Create the page by pressing "create this page" -link.
    5. Write your example to the text box.
    - Source code should begin with <code java> tag and end with </code> tag.
    - To appear in NFC Java Code Examples portal you must remember to add following text to edit box (for example in the beginning): [[Category:Code Examples]][[Category:Java]][[Category:NFC]]
    - More about editing can be found behind "Editing help" link of the site.
    - And example what the text box could look like: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...le&action=edit
    6. Show Preview to see what the outcome looks like.
    7. And if you are happy with that – Click “Save page”.

    Hope to see you all at the wiki also!

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    Question Re: NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    How to develope application for NFC based mobile phone using .NET Technologies? Any API or SDK available for this?

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    Re: NFC Java Code Examples page on Forum Nokia Wiki

    Nokia 6131 NFC does not support .NET platform. You can use the software development kit for Nokia 6131 NFC.

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