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    Identical MIDlet and MIDlet suite names?


    is it legal to use the the same string for the
    MIDlet-name attribute, which identifies the name of the midlet suite
    and for the midlet?

    MIDlet-1: politarena-ch,/wom/img/icon.png,wom.WahlOMatMobil
    MIDlet-Name: politarena-ch

    Haven't found any problems in doing that, but want to be sure.

    Some devices seem to show the name of the midlet suite, some show the midlet name itself. I want the same name to be displayed in any case.

    Best Regards,

    Roland Praehofer

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    Re: Identical MIDlet and MIDlet suite names?

    Hi Roland Praehofer,

    AFAIK it is legal as I have never experimented any issues regarding that, mainly when using Nokia devices.

    However, as you noticed different implementations may differ regarding what will be shown on the applications (or the like) menu. I advise you to check the JSR-118 spec (MIDP 2.0) and see what is stated there.

    Hope this helps!
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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