I don't know what I am doing wrong.
But I commented out part of my program and built the project again.
The console window in carbide showed that it compiled the code succesfull.
After installing the sisx on my phone (Nokia5500) the program is still executing the removed part of the program.
Apparently Carbide did not notice the changes in the code.
So I tried using "Clean project" and then "Build project" but I got an error message from makesis.
After restarting carbide I could build the project but the program is still executing different code.
I used
text.Format(_LIT("%d %d %d %d %d"), aX, aY, aZ, 0, 0);
iInfoLabel->SetExtent(TPoint(10, 10), iInfoLabel->MinimumSize());
where text is a TBuf<50> and aX, aY, aZ are TInt16.
iInfoLabel is showing the correct values for aX, aY, aZ but after that I get some values that I used before.

I don't know what's going on.
Any help on resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.