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    Nokia 9300i and Vista

    When I try and use the 9300i to dial out using Bluetooth from my Laptop I get an error that there is no modem present.
    I am connected with Bluetooth because Ican see everything else on the 9300i. It appears as if the modem software for the 9300i is not loading. I have looked on the nokia website and can only find modem drives for XP, does anybody know where I can get a driver for Vista to be able to use my 9300i to connect my Laptop to the net otherwise all I have is rather large paperweight.


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    Re: Nokia 9300i and Vista

    Hi According to the microsoft website for Vista all BT USB that are supported by XP SP2 will be supported by Vista ONLY.

    The XP SP2 hacks will no longer work on Vista. This basically means you BT USB needs to Use CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset.

    see the XP SP2 list
    and the Wiki

    The bluetooth forum contains lots of answers http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...splay.php?f=38


    Good Luck

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