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Thread: java or c++

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    java or c++

    Since the same mobile application can be written in java or C++,
    which is preferred and plz give the reason also.Does it depends on the platform used(s60&s80 etc). witing for the reply.thanx in advance.


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    Re: java or c++


    Can you ellaborate on what kind of application are you interested in developing.

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    Re: java or c++

    Hi shiva,

    "Does it depends on the platform used(s60&s80 etc)."
    Yes, if using Nokia Series 40 devices you can use Java ME but not C/C++.

    If talking about S60, you can use Java ME, Symbian C++, newer devices support Open C and also there are other runtimes such as Flash Lite, Python, Perl, etc.

    Series 80 support both Java ME (including CDC and JNI support) as weel as Symbian C++ (older versions).

    Hope this helps
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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