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    Problem in sending video size

    Hi all

    i'm developing an application that records video clips from a phone (server)then sends the clip to multiple phones(clients).
    the sequence is as follows the server first sends the size of the recorded video to the clients so that they can construct a byte array of size equal to the size of the video clip to be received.

    the problem is that i tested the application using nokia 7610 as a server
    and two n70 as clients it worked fine.

    but when i used nokia 6630 as a server using the same application
    the phone sends the size of the recorded video clip incorrectly so it can't be displayed correctly on the clients.

    so i think the problem is a hardware problem so please is there any suggestions.


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    Re: Problem in sending video size

    I remember vaguely reading of some problems 6630 had with http-traffic on this forum so you might want to search it.

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