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    Reason Code was filled with my application name, not standard reason like Kern-Exec ?

    Hallo everyone,

    I developing in S80 N9300i phone and I just met a strange problem,
    my application was crashed with Reason Code : MyApplicationName,
    from what I have experienced, the reason code should be filled with the standard reason code like KERN-EXEC, E32USER-CBase, USER-EXEC etc...

    Any information about this kind of error?
    Thanks for any info from you guys.
    Thank You so much for your attention !

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    Re: Reason Code was filled with my application name, not standard reason like Kern-Exec ?

    When the thread name is shown with exit reason code, generally, it is someone has a handle of your thread and call painic on it. For example, a server has an error and panic the client application. In other words, your code has not done anything wrong directly, but your thread has exited triggered by someone else. This is probably your case.
    KERN-EXEC - unhandled exception, i.e. dereferencing NLL
    E32USER-CBase - Panic from E32 lib
    USER-EXEC - User::Painuc is used in your own code.

    Hope this helps

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