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    Compiling NFC MIDlets


    I have downloaded the SDK provided by the company.
    It does not provide any editor or compiler along with it.
    So am now using NetBeans to write the MIDlets but it does not recognise the CONTACTLESS import.

    So what am i to do to have my MIDlet working

    And what is the way out to compile the MIDlets that i have created.

    Since am a new developer , am not very sure with the codes that i type and would like to have an editor and compiler that helps me navigate with the commands .

    Looking forward for a reply


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    Cool Re: Compiling NFC MIDlets

    Are you developing on the 6131 SDK ? Import lib directory (mine is there C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6131_NFC_SDK_1_0\lib) into your project and run your midlet with netbeans mobility.
    You can also use Eclipse with Carbide.j plugin (included in the SDK package).
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