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    view command doesn't work

    Hi all. I have the problem about viewing list items.

    Items in my `javax.microedition.lcdui.List` dont't fit the screen in such a way:

    listite... (instead of listitem1)
    listite... (instead of listitem2)
    listite... (instead of listitem3)

    and so on

    If I choose options -> view, It doesn't do anything with the item. just goes back to the list.

    On the emulator everything works fine, but on device...

    the phone model is: nokia 6111


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    Re: view command doesn't work

    There might be some problems in your code. Check for an example how to use a list view for example in here


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    Re: view command doesn't work

    Thank you, Hartti

    But I saw nothing especial in this List implementation. I did it in the same manner. As I said in emulator `view` command works fine. It's a system command, so I don't know how to handle it.

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