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    Creating A Jar File


    I have installed the NOKIA SDK integrated with Eclipse on my pc.
    I have written codes and built and executed them using the emulator.

    But the respective jar file is not created .

    As this needed jar is absent , it is unable to have this application tried on the mobile phone.

    So if someone could help me by telling how to go about creating the necessary using the Eclipse it would be of great use to me so that i install that application on to my mobile and try if it is working.

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    Re: Creating A Jar File

    The best option is that you install Carbide.j as an Eclipse plugin. It offers you the possibility of creating the necessary jar and jad files for your application. You can download it from http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...dks/index.html.

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    Re: Creating A Jar File

    How to create a jar file without installing the entire JDK.
    I mean, if we have all the class files and a menifest file ready, can we create a jar file using jar.exe utility?

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    Re: Creating A Jar File

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