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    6300: Email client disappeared.

    I have the latest FW 4.71. I've had none of the problems others have posted about with their 6300.

    Last night I installed a theme from mobile9.com..."vodafone grey".

    After installing, I got a yellow question mark at the top of the screen. This turned out to be a missing operator logo (a blank one I had installed), which I have since fixed. (seems odd that a theme could corrupt/delete a blank operator logo.)

    This morning I went to check my email via the built in client. The nav key shortcut I had assigned to email opened the camera instead. When I tried to reasign it to email, email was not in the list of optional shortcuts.

    I opened messaging...no email program. I opened message settings, no email option. There is no reference to email anywhere on the phone.

    I tried to delete the theme from the phone this morning, but it wouldn't let me. I had to browse the phone via bluetooth to remove it.

    I then reinstalled the 4.71 firmware and the OTA email settings from Nokia. Nothing. Still no email program to be found.

    Is it possible that the phone now somehow thinks it's a branded Vodafone phone? Maybe Vodafone disables the email client?

    According to the Nokia site, firmware contains hard coded elements of the OS...address book, etc. Since the email client is Java, is it possible it's not part of the firmware? This would seem to make sense, since firmware reinstallations don't bring back the email. And if this is indeed the case, how the heck can I get my email app back??

    Nokia USA does not support this phone yet, and mine was made for the Nigerian market of all places, so they basically won't talk to me about it.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: 6300: Email client disappeared.

    Took the phone to Nokia in NYC. They reflashed. All is well.

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