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    Unhappy Menus in Nokia :(


    In Nokia Phones when we add any item in the list it comes under the options in the screen
    How can i make my command visible at the left end or the centre portion or the right end

    Please Help me out in designing the menu for nokia phones

    Any one ready??

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    Re: Menus in Nokia :(

    As you are posting in Java forums I am guessing you are talking about MIDlets and more specifically MIDlets using a high-level UI (like Forms).

    The phone implementation decides the Command placement. You have very limited control of the look and field - you can only say which command is more important or less important.
    Also note that the Command placement is different between S60 and Series 40 phones

    If you want to have full control of the look and feel, you have to use Canvas or use 3rd party libraries, like J2MEPolish

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    Alternatively, play around with the type of the command. For the definite rules see page 158-160 of the book ‘Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications’ by Nokia. Make sure not to violate Nokia Interface Guidelines. If you need something on the Left and you have a three button device (Left, OK, Right), you have to go for Canvas as hartti stated.

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    Smile Re: Menus in Nokia :(

    Thanks for ur suggestions guys

    I Jus tried and got the exit button for my application on the right
    i used command.exit instead of item
    It worked

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