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    BT Device Class Help _ Please read!!

    Thank you!,
    I am a programmer out of college and am on my first programming job. I have being assigned a problem. I have posted up previous requests for help on which I have built on.

    I wanted to limit what a BT device discovers and pairs with, as i only want to pair with a GPS reciever(not phone, headset etc etc). I have being told that I can check the Device Class attribute upon service discovery but i have being looking at this and this appears to be "uncategorized" for a GPS reciever. Is this true of me??

    I have two other options i think, to pair with any uncategorized device in range(not that efficient as usually is a BT busy environment, takes too long) or to acquire the BT_ADDR of the GPS reciever during discovery. The latter is efficient but it makes it impossible to use any other GPS reciever, unless the source code is changed, which i dont want to do!.

    Have anyone any further ideas, and is this "uncategorized" device class true,


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    Re: BT Device Class Help _ Please read!!

    Any ideas??

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