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    New updates of Nokia

    Hi All Forum Nokia people and Forum maintainers,

    This post is to congratulate the current updates happening..

    I saw 2 updates.

    1. once u login on forum and session is alive u can work across till the session is alive . If u close the explorer and we used to get the same login name directly logged in Previously..

    2. The posting tree thread starting from the originator.

    For me the second feature i want it in the reverse way coz if posts are long to go to the latest post it will be time consuming...

    and if the current posted thread is on top and the orignator ..

    Mateen Maldar
    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve"

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    Re: New updates of Nokia

    Hi Mateen,

    I'm working on the persistance of the login and should be back to the old way. (as long as you post once every 30 days it stays active).

    as for the order, this did not change it used to do that before, check your settings.


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