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    E61, CDC & JSR 179

    I have an E61 (s60 3rd edition) cellphone and I'm trying to experiment with CDC, location based services & a bluetooth GPS. After installing a new jvm, the stack looks like this:

    JSR 75, JSR 172, JSR 184
    MIDP 2.0 without java.lang & java.util
    CDC 1.1 PP
    J9 JVM

    The CDC 1.1 library is the exact same one that can be found on the S80 series (S80_DP2_0_PP_SDK). The MIDP implementation has been adapted to work on CDC. I developed a few applications with this setup and everything works fine, but unfortunately I don't have JSR 82 (bluetooth) nor JSR 179.
    I tried developing a "normal midlet" using the "normal s60 3rd library" and got a "Location application" working.
    Now I tried taking JSR 179 from the "normal" s60 3rd edition library (javax.microedition.location & com.nokia.mid.impl.symbian.location) and adding it to my current MIDP implementation, but that didn't work. While I can't get an exact error message, my "Location application" crashes when it tries to use any methods related to JSR 179. My guess is that the JSR 179 implementation tries to access native methods from certain libraries that probably have not been loaded in some of the runtime packages.
    I also tried doing the same thing with JSR 82, but the exact same thing happened.

    Does anyone know of
    1) a way of "abstracting" JSR 82 or JSR 179 from the current s60 3rd edition library?
    2) a JSR 82 or JSR 179 implementation working on Symbian lurking somewhere?
    edit: I found the "RI binary JSR 179" but it only works with a serial port...
    3) a workaround ?

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    Re: E61, CDC & JSR 179

    I've read often on these boards that it's not possible to just "add a JSR", but it feels a bit different in this case since the drivers are already in there, somewhere.

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    Re: E61, CDC & JSR 179

    After quite a bit of reading, I found out that the location API is implemented as a symbian c++ server. It is possible to use the c++ location API to connect to this server to request the position (very much like JSR 179). I'm still having problems to get my application signed to get it to work on the e61 (I get the error "Required application access not granted").
    When I get the c++ application to work, being light on memory, I might try to connect to the server within my java app.
    As anyone every tried to attempt such a thing?

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