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    Problem in playing multiple videos in the same problem

    Hi all
    my problem is that i want to play a sequence of videos
    with the same player
    my question is do i have to initialize the player every time i play a different video
    in another way do i have to repeat this code every time i play a different code

    byte [] recordedvideo=out.toByteArray();
        	ByteArrayInputStream in=new ByteArrayInputStream(recordedvideo);
        	Player pl2=Manager.createPlayer(in,"video/3gpp");
        	VideoControl vc2=(VideoControl)pl2.getControl("VideoControl");
    can i initialize the player just once and change its input stream when i play multiple video clips ?

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    Re: Problem in playing multiple videos in the same problem

    Yes, you have to create a different Player per video, but if your videos are in the phone file system as it seems from your code you can have the next video prefetched before the current one finishes and call start on the next one just when the current one finishes.

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