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    S60 on-device debugging


    I am using Carbide c++ 1.2 and the on-device App Trk debugging.
    I tried to debug an application that uses CMdaAudioRecorderUtility but for some reason the debugger doesn't step into functions of a class (RecoderAdapter) that is accesing the functionality of CMdaAudioRecorderUtility.
    Debugger just executes the function as one step.
    And for some reason it seems to get stuck since some things (updating a view) don't happen when I run the application in the debugger whereas they happen when I run the application normally.

    Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated

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    Re: S60 on-device debugging

    I solved this issue.
    For some reason the debugger installed and old sisx file.
    So the code and the sisx didn't match up.

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