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    N73 Video Capture = White Screen!

    Hi All,

    Strange problems - my app runs fine and everything works, but

    1)when the video control is displayed (ie - the view finder), it is simply white.
    However, if you press the command, it does take a proper image and displays it correctly.

    2) also, when you press the capture command first you hear the "snap" sound,secondly the flash goes off and *lastly* you get prompted to allow the application to use the camera ! (Yes - it's unsigned).

    Maybe I'm stupid, but shouldn't you get prompted *before* the snapshot is taken? And why can't I see anything in the view vinder?

    I'm using capture://video for the player and




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    Re: N73 Video Capture = White Screen!

    1) No idea off the top of my head. Could be something in your code...

    2) No you are not stupid. here's the explanation


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