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    N95 Some Questions & Suggestions

    NOKIA N95-1 from CEX.CO.UK
    Firmware UNLOCKED
    PC sUITE.
    INTEL PRO/Wireless 2200BG built-in
    1GB RAM.


    Firmware upgrade troubles.

    Took me 2 days to get the latest firmware loaded turns out
    I needed to run Explorer 1st so the Software updater can get
    all it's settings for the file transfer, wotever :/
    nice one Nokia I've been using Opera browser this week.
    I did find the answer in the Nokia forums so thanks people.

    Dropped my N95 damage photos :/

    OH s***! I stacked my 2 day old N95 FLIPPIN HECK!
    (or words to that effect) Dropped MY N95 from waist hight
    leaving the kitchin switching the light off, the bottom end
    hitting square onto a broom head which broke the fall some what
    now I see what I think maybe some damamge :/ along the right hand edge
    of the keypad where the slide rail runs, just great!
    I had it in a black camera case as well! Canvas with no neoprene padding.
    Need to insure it fast, and get a crystal case as they save the phone when
    dropped. And they are only about £5, I'm using a lens cloth folded up for
    extra padding for now. So the moral is get a decent case!
    if you havn't already got one, I need a drop proof / waterproof case, anybody?.
    Can anyone tell me who dose a good Insurance deal on mobiles for the U.K.?
    Here are pics of my N95 taken with a Samsung i6 Digimax PMP.
    Is it damamged??? Can I fix it? or shall I not bother or goto Nokia Center?
    It all works ok the camera button only needs a very light touch to pre-focus
    the shutter which is standard i'm sure.

    http://www.ka05.com/NOKIA DROP 1.jpg
    http://www.ka05.com/NOKIA DROP 2.jpg

    Lost all my credit using Maps be warned.

    Lost all my credit NOT downloading ANY "Maps" at all! heh! you to aye?
    Hey at least I'm being honest with my review.
    I won't ever use MAPS again! why don't Nokia put the UK/Euro maps on the install
    disc? Will have to wait for Tomtom N95 UK maps to come out now?

    T-Mobile surfing Tarrif any good?

    Think I need to get on that T-Mobile Free to Surf tarrif that actualy costs
    £7.50 a month its not Free at all hah!.Is it any good?

    Reboots for no reason.

    From new my N95 would occasionaly reboot itself for no reason at all.
    Using latest Firmware and it has rebooted itself once or twice.

    Battery problems.

    From new I had to get a replacement battery after just 2 days
    the new one dosnt last that long about 2 days approximatly 28hrs
    just sending some texts, playing with settings, occaisional Wifi sniffing,
    ringtones. Still testing this battery on new firmware.

    N95 can't see my WIFI card in Laptop

    N95 can't see my WIFI card built into my Laptop TOSHIBA EQUIUM M50-216 PSM57E.
    the card is an INTEL WM3B2200B built-in wireles card.
    N95 can see the neighbours BT wireless router,
    my laptop sees more connections from other neighbours.
    I have not tried the free access from 2 local pubs yet.
    As a result I have not worked out the Home Media Server yet.

    Any good Wifi sniffing apps out there?

    Any good wifi sniffin apps out there yet for N95? from Symbian?.

    Streaming Radio Audio / Home Media Sever

    Nothing beats having a handheld wireless music device & listening to your
    favourite radio station live from anywhere worldwide being beamed for free
    wirelessy into your hand I tell you its excellent, Its worth having a Pocket
    PC for this ferature alone. If anyone can make an MP3 Streaming App that can
    handle .pls . m3u shoutcast type files and is able to stream via a Wireless
    connection like "Pocket Music" for Pocket PC i'll give you the £20-£30 ok,
    and be able to run Winamp Classic Skins like Pocket Music dose is a must
    requirement! I have a good collection of Old School Classic Winamp SKins
    if anyone wants a copy. Many of them no longer available at www.winamp.com
    I Need an App that can Stream mp3s, Windows Media Streams for sites like
    www.radiofeeds.co.uk think the mobile site is www.radiofeeds.co.uk/pda
    should be linked from main site above. Some useful Mobile site links,
    Trains, radio, Wifi, Map n searching sites
    www.ka05.com/links.html made to work with mobiles.

    Home Media Server

    I havn't managed to get my N95 to talk to my Wireless Laptop yet but, checked the book,
    I treid to add Home Media Server to ZoneAlarm Pro programs but it refused to show up
    in the list :/. it would be nice if I could use Home Media Server to stream live MP3 radio
    stations from my laptop using Winamp and or Videos from my Laptop and stream that to my
    N95 that would be nice via Home Media Server.
    And if it could beam audio from the Line-In on my laptop to the N95, just a thought.

    thanks all

    sorry for multi topics im not online at home and hate spending ages in net cafes
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