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    S60 3rd ed Recording audio with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility into RAM


    I was wondering if it is possible to record audio into RAM using CMdaAudioRecorderUtiliy.
    I used the example and tweaked to use OpenDesL instead of OpenFile.
    I used a HBufC8 created with HBufC8::NewMaxL(bufsize) and then dereferenced the HBufC8 pointer to get a descriptor that I passed to OpenDesL.
    I don't get any error message but using this code to play the data back after stopping the recording doesn't produce any audible output:
    // Play through the device speaker
        // Set maximum volume for playback
        iMdaAudioRecorderUtility->SetVolume(iMdaAudioRecorderUtility->MaxVolume() - (iMdaAudioRecorderUtility->MaxVolume() / 4));
    	//Set position to last played position
    I tried to debug the application with on-device debug but the debugger did not let me step into any of the functions that's calling MdaAudioRecorderUtility.

    Can anyone help me out please?

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    Re: S60 3rd ed Recording audio with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility into RAM

    Ok now I cleaned the project and did a complete rebuild and I could debug the application.
    I get a KErrNotSupported error when I try to call OpenDesL().
    Does that mean that I cannot record to RAM using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility?
    Or am I just using the wrong kind of buffer?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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