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    ftplib question ???

    I started to explore the world of Python...
    Started with the fine tutorial by Jurgen Scheible !
    I want to make a simple ftp-client to have a 'one click' way to send pictures from my gallery to a fixed location on my website.

    i know i should install the ftplib.py 'as a library, not as a script' .. but....
    I've been searching this and other forums/site but really can't find out what i should do with the ftplib.py file... i see a lot about installing extensions in C++ or on Python on PC platform.. but just nothing about these .py type extensions. Just putting it in the 'python' dir on my phone (next to the script isn't working).

    please help me with this

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    Re: ftplib question ???

    Hi mrich and welcome to the forum!

    As you said you need to install ftplib.py as a library.

    With 2nd edition phones, you just push the script via for example Bluetooh and choose to install it as a library.

    With 3rd edition phones, the installer does not work. You then need to package your scripts to be able to install them. The target location is C:\\resource or E:\\resource for the .py. For the .pyd, the target is C:\\sys\\bin or E:\\sys\\bin.

    An easy way to make those installation packages (.sis and .sisx for its signed version) is to use ensymble with the option simplesis.
    • Create a ftplib folder
    • Create a resource directory in ftplib
    • put a copy of ftplib.py in resource
    • Go back to the ftplib root directory
    • From shell, run the command "python ensymble.py simplesis ftplib"

    Then you'll get libftp_x.x.x.sis ready to be pushed in your phone.

    Nokia E61 3rd Edition - pys60 1.4.0

    Tips and modules:

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    Re: ftplib question ???

    OK lfd ! Thanx for your quick and detailed response... will work on this later this weekend!

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    Re: ftplib question ???

    :. Many thanks, as well. I wish to complement the above information by saying that for my libraries I had to use the phone memory during installation, for the programs to work.

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