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    problem in receiving delivery report

    I am using Wavecom Fasttrack M1306B(wismo within) modem, the problem is with receiving the delivery status report from this device.


    with this commands messages are send to the mobile
    i get the delivery report of this message with the following command


    The problem is with if i send another message i get only the delivery report of the previous phone no not the current one. if try to send for so many numbers again and again i get only the first delivery report which i received first. That means i think the first msg is getting stored some where and giving me the same message again and again. i am trying to reset the modem with ATZ but after that also i get the same problem, i used AT&F for restore factory setting but no change(AT&F--if the modem is online the command will not be executed) it is given like this so that only i didn't get any change i think.

    Next what i have to is there any problem with my comm port setting?

    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Thank u ,
    Waiting for the reply

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    Re: problem in receiving delivery report


    We used the same modem and experienced the same problem
    It seems to be a bug in the firmware of the WaveCom modem.



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    Unhappy Re: problem in receiving delivery report

    Did anyone experienced this problem???
    I have Wavecom MULTIBAND 900E 1800 modem, that's behavior like this, and there's no way to get report status properly! Please help! Is there some firmware available, or any other solution?

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    Post Re: OTA Bookmark Sony Ericsson

    I have read 'OTA settings general v7.0' and can send OTA broswer settings.
    There is no example for sending an OTA bookmark so to send a bookmark to a 3510 I have modified my browser settings hex string as follows;

    - Replaced 'settings' with 'bookmarks' in the MIME type
    - Changed WDP layer total no. of segments in datagram to 1
    - Changed WSP layer Headerslength from 2C to 2D and value length from 2A to 2B
    - Removed all XML content accept for,

    <?xml version ="1.0"?>
    <characteristic type ="BOOKMARK"/>
    <parm name ="NAME" value="google"/>
    <parm name ="URL" value="http://www.google.com"/>

    The string I have tried via SMS is;

    WDP: 0B0504C34FC0020003040101



    The result is nothing happens!
    The phone is silent.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Question Re: OTA Bookmark Sony Ericsson

    @vfirstota, i think your reply is straggled to this thread!

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    Re: problem in receiving delivery report

    Hi all,
    I am using Nokia 6233 as my GSM modem to send SMS using AT commands through VB.net.I am able to send SMS as well as Unicode SMS.I need to get the delivery report for the message.Is it possible to get delivery report using my mobile phone.Can anyone help me out pls.

    Thanx in advance.

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