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    Shutting down console apps on S60v2

    I have a simple console application that gets put into the background. There seems to be no way to kill this application other than restarting the phone. It shows up in the task-manager on the phone, but using the "C" key to kill it does nothing. I've also tried using taskspy to kill it but this also does nothing.

    What is the mechanism that the task manager or TaskSpy uses to try to kill the application? How can I check for this in my application?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Re: Shutting down console apps on S60v2

    Hi, you should be able to kill the process (do not confuse this with sending a "close" event) which is of course more drastic. You can try this with TaskSpy. To find out how it's done, please refer to my homepage and download its source code, which is freely available.

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    Re: Shutting down console apps on S60v2

    Or better still, have a "quit" option in the console.
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