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    Post Icons edit in Themes...


    I have a request once. I do not know either whether that only fits correctly here.

    It is a question of Themes. At the Nokia 6600 one can select a Theme under Themes, and select a Theme, which icons one would like to see from another Themes.
    I found that then, where I had a 6600 still, super. That worked, however, only at the 6600th At the 6630/6680 and the after that followed, that did not work anymore. Pitiful ones...

    Now my question:
    I have a Nokia N95. Does the possibility, through a software update or a specific program, to do this again exist? That one selects a Theme, and still can prepare, which icons one would like to see.

    If that worked, that would be so super.
    And that it goes, one has at the 6600 seen.
    I hope, that that would be somehow feasible.

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    Post Re: Icons edit in Themes...

    It would be super if that worked.

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