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    SyncML and 7650?

    I intend to develop a custom synchronise application using SyncML for 7650.Since there is no SyncML C++ API available in series60 SDK and after going through the messages posted here, I believe SyncML support is not available in 7650 and 9210 (os 6.1).
    I have checked symbian os v7.0 docs which contains SyncML client API, its means it SyncML support will be available in v7.0 based phones.

    So anybody from Nokia or other please clarify the following facts:

    1. SyncML based applications can not be developed for 7650,communicator.
    2. SyncML support is available in v7.0 based phones (I don't know Nokia has released such phone yet or not)
    3. If Point 1 is true then how to synhronise data? Do I need to write the complete sync algorithm ?

    please clarify



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    RE: SyncML and 7650?


    1) We have SyncML clients for both (Nokia 9210 has a developer version available as well)
    2) No Nokia Symbian handsets are running on Symbian OS 6.x

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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