I'm working on a SIP application on SDK 3rd Ed, FP1 and have a few confusions. I would be thankful if someone helps clear these.

1) Do the events that an user can subscribe to using SUBSCRIBE method of SIP have an exhaustive set? If yes, please list them. (The SDK help shows that it takes event header strings in CSubConSIPSubscribeParamSet::SetEventTypeL(const TPtrC8 &aEventType) but doesn't list the possible options of event types, do they need to be enquired from server?)

2) Where do I get the event-header strings for these events (are they mutually agreed strings between server and client). I see that in SDK help for high level API for SIP, in the SUBSCRIBE code snippet example they use the "messagewaiting" as event header to be set using CSubConSIPSubscribeParamSet::SetEventTypeL for that particular event where is it obtained from?

[Note - I would require event-header string even if I use DecodeL to create CSIPEventHeader* and set that in the header of the message to be sent using SendSubscribeL]

Hope I'm clear.
Prompt reply will be appreciated.