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    Question Emuator problems

    Hi All,

    I have 2 problem with emulator.

    1). How to increase the heap size for emulator. I tried doing it through mmp file but no use.
    2). I have one more thread running other than my application when i launch the application. After some time my application is launched on emulator the other thread started by me is killed and hence my application wil also crash

    The above 2 things i found in only 3d edition emulators

    can i know any solutions for this.


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    Re: Emuator problems

    Quote Originally Posted by vinayakak
    1). How to increase the heap size for emulator. I tried doing it through mmp file but no use.
    Modify the line MegabytesOfFreeMemory in ...epoc32\data\epoc.ini
    The .mmp file is about your project.

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    Unhappy Re: Emulator problems

    I am facing the same problem.
    My Application is on TCP/IP Communication. If i will leave the application ideal for some time then i will not be able to communicate.It will give an error App. Closed: TransportServer826b73e1 KERN-EXEC 3. but if i start communicating as my application starts then it will work for first time but it will crash next time when i will start communication.

    For the same code in my application is working fine in SDK 2.X but gets crashed only on 3rd edition Emulator.
    I am using RThread in my code for Emulator and RProcess for device.

    My Application is working fine on both devices (2nd & 3rd edition devices) only problem in 3rd edition Emulator is getting crashed.

    My question is there any time limitation for 3rd edition Emulator.
    Plz help me.

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