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    Catch SMS from SIM ToolKit Menu

    How can i catch outgoing sms from sim toolkit menu? When sending sms from sim menu (like News Update, Astrology etc.), this sms is not going/saving to 'sent items' in the phone. I can't see which number to send and what message is sending. I want to know sending number and message details. Is there any way to catch/read outgoing sms from sim menu? Please help me.

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    Re: Catch SMS from SIM ToolKit Menu

    Any answer guys; I have the same question

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    Re: Catch SMS from SIM ToolKit Menu

    And you are asking it in the same wrong place. You are supposed to give feedback here, about Forum Nokia provided resources (examples, trainings ...) and AFAIK Forum Nokia does not provide anything such resources related to SIM toolkit.
    -- Lucian

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