Welcome to the Web Runtime discussion board. As you will have seen elsewhere in Forum Nokia and beyond, widget development is coming to the mobile. Last year (2006) the WidSets service was announced and in April 2007 Web Run-Time was announced as part of S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

The Widsets service is expanding as we speak with new SDK and enhanced abilities. While the WidSets service and technology remain in beta the existing discussion board at the WidSets developer site will remain open and WidSets developers might want to visit http://www.widsets.com/forum/forums/list/lift.page.
WidSets is based on Java technology and works via a (very) small MIDlet that acts as a VM in which the widgets execute.

In S60 you have an alternative, namely the Web Run-Time environment which executes widgets very similar to well-known desktop widgets e.g Dashboard and Yahoo! Widgets. In the next few months the Forum Nokia site will be upgraded with supporting material for widget writers, so do make sure you check the www.forum.nokia.com/browser page regularly. But in the meantime this board is open for questions and discussion.

Welcome to and enjoy