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    questions on E61S60 VOIP SIP client

    I am doing Nokia E61 interop test with Broadworks applications servers. Nokia E61 has Version 2.0 sip client. Am I wondering if E61 support the following features, if yes, how can I enable it?

    Do not Disturb (DND is listed as a feature on “Nokia S60 VOIP Implementation Configuration Tutorial”, but I can not find it on phone by following the guide in the document, is this right document?)
    Call forward always (how can I set up E61 to forward all incoming calls to another phone without involving in call?).
    Reject Anonymous Call.
    3 –way Conference Call.
    Transfer Call (After E61 and 2nd phone is in conversation, E61 could transfer the call to 3rd phone without talking to 3rd phone, am wondering if E61 could do the following transfer: 1) E61 and 2nd phone is in conversation, 2)E61 dial 3rd phone and talks with 3rd phone , 3)then transfer 2nd phone to 3rd phone.)

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    Re: questions on E61S60 VOIP SIP client

    1) DND feature is the same as 'Internet call alert'. See Tools-Settings-Call.
    2) 'Call forward always' is not supported.
    3) Reject anonymous call is the same as 'Call barring'. See Tools-Settings.
    4) 3-way conference call is not supported on the client side, only on the server side.
    5) Transfer call is supported.

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