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    This must be the most difficult Forum to get into or is it just me????

    I have a new 7373 blue tooth phone and it does not want to receive info. from my pc. I now have a cable connection but that is not what I wanted. Has anyone else had a problem?

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    Hi hilarymee, welcome to the forum. There might be some problems logging in this forum using FireFox. It works best in IE.

    Btw, this forum is actually dedicated for developers. That's why, it looks like you have posted message to the wrong forum.

    Anyway, for your problem, check this blog posting, http://www.s60tips.com/2006/06/21/sending-files-from-s60-phone-to-pc-via-bluetooth/
    Many people has hit this problem when sending file from PC via bluetooth.

    Antony Pranata

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