Hi All,

Currently i am working on browser APIs of the S603rd FP1.
I found some weird things happening when i execute the code...
following is the sequence of actions i executed on FP1.

I ported the browser (iBrCtlInterface object created in my own application) of S60 3rd ed to FP1. It compiled well, but when I executed it I found that LoadDataL() API which i use to load html data in the browser was not showing anything on the screen (whereas It properly shows on S60 3rd).

While debugging, i came across an interesting thing, every call of LoadDataL ..it was calling ResolveLinkL (which must get call when i click on link....not when LoadDataL APi executed). So i removed the observer, and debug once more. I found LoadDataL working and showing data properly.

I have to implement the LinkResolver too. But if i add it, LoadDataL stops working. I have to use LoadDataL only..no any other option.

Please can anyone guide me in this weird problem??
I just dont understand, whats wrong with it. Is there any major change in FP1browser API?? OR Is there any way to add observers after creating browser object??

Please help me

Thanks to all genius ppl in advance :)