Hi MWS users,

Unfortunately RaccoonOnMap and MWS do not work together.

MWS is running on 3rd Edition S60 phones which have the new platform security.
The platform security protects users from malicious software by blocking certain
system calls if the application is not certificated to use those. GSM cell location
information, which RaccoonOnMap relies, is behind a system call which needs
more 'wider' certificate. At this time, MWS is not certificated to access the
location info and thus RaccoonOnMap does not work with MWS.

With Raccoon web server you can yourself sign the Raccoon with developer
certificates but this is not possible with MWS.

The future versions of MWS might have the location capabilities included which
would then allow MWS users to utilize RaccoonOnMap and other location
based services. Until then, keep those servers running!