Hello everyone,

- im having a issue with Nokia Theme Studio 2.2 for s40:
as soon as i open the program, i have like 1 or 2 minutes before it consumes all my CPU % and Memory usage, so its impossible to use the NTS bc it almost 'freeze' my computer, wich i have to terminate the program in 'control panel' (ctrl alt del), so i dont have enough time to build my own themes
- cellphone: s40 3rd edition - nokia 7373
- I've searched all the forum and nokia documents ("known issues"), but found nothing related.
- if anyone got any idea i will be very 'thankfull' and sry about the bad english :P

-computer config:
CPU: Celeron D 2.8ghz
Memory: 512 ddr²
Video: 64mb, VGA
HD: Samsung 80gb 7.2k rpm. (37gb free)