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    6131 wheres the calculator???

    Hello ppl!

    Early in the morning I just found out I forgot what 18 squared was. I immediately pulled out this cell phone and went to the Quick Links (or whatevr its called) and my calculator wasnt there. I then went to Organiser and even thre theres no calculator. omg! my phone lost its calculator . Thats so crazy! I have all my other options intact except for this calculator. What would have happened? Do I have to get this cell phone's software thing reset or something?

    The sadder part is this phone doesnt take good backups. The last time I restored aa backup just 5 of my 250contacts were restored

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: 6131 wheres the calculator???

    Sounds odd... You should contact Nokia Care, or post the issue on end-user discussion boards

    best regards,

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