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    COM port locked by connection manager


    I have installed the 2.1 development SDK and everything appears fine.
    The cable connection (DLR3-P) is set on COM1 with the IrDA connection on COM5.

    The problems begin when I use the connection manager to switch to use the cable connection. I can no longer access COM1 to issue AT commands as Connection Manager appears to lock the port.

    Does anyone have any ideas to get around this as I need the API functionality and access to the modem simultaneously over the cable connection.

    Any suggestions much appreciated,

    * O/S win2000 sp3
    * Phone 6210e

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    RE: COM port locked by connection manager


    The software reserves the COM port for connection to the phone, for another connection with the phone you need to free the port for connections or you need to make application compatible with the Nokia software.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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