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    Accepting multiselection list when no items are selected

    I am trying to use a multiselection list to provide the user with four options of which he can choose 0-4.

    The problem occurs when there are no items selected and user pressed OK. This causes the active item to be selected just before the pane is dismissed (and so the CSelectionIndexArray returned contains one item when it should contain no items at all).

    Is there a way (e.g. some flag) that I could use in order to achieve a multiselection list which could be dismissed (by pressing OK) with no items selected? I would not like to use a markable list unless it's the only option.

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    RE: Accepting multiselection list when no items are selected


    Look you shud not try to create an unconventional UI coz it leads to confusion. In case of a multiselection list the of the "Ok" button is used to select an unchecked item or to deselect an already checked item.

    Now you want take the selection and dissmiss the list box, and the seections can be 0-4. I wud suggest u to use a menu item to take the selection and finally dismiss the listbox. In this way u'll be able to take make 0-4 selections, coz u no more need "Ok" button to dismiss the listbox. The "Ok" button serve only one purpose i.e. selection of the current item.


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