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    IMEI independent signing


    We are developing S60 3rd Edition commercial application. We are using developer certificate with only standard capabilities for signing sis file. But our application requires certain sensitive capabilities like MultimediaDD. We are having Capability Request form which requires ACS Publisher ID for a set of IMEI numbers. We don't have any predefined set of IMEI numbers, so can we use these capabilities independent of IMEI numbers???? Can we sign a sis with these capabilities using a single standard certificate???? Do we require Symbian Signing for this purpose?

    Please shed some light on this....

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    Re: IMEI independent signing


    u need to symbian sigining for ur application in order to install ur application to be independent of imei's ..

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    Re: IMEI independent signing

    For device testing you will require the IMEI's + the ACS Publisher ID if you are using Manufacturer Set capabilities.

    If you want to distribute your application so that it is not locked to a fixed set of IMEI's you will need to get it Symbian signed.

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