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    Extending Functionality of Noika PC suite


    We wants to extend the functionality of the Noika PC suite using Connectivity API's provided by Symbian, In this we wants to access the files from the phone by providing Icon In the PC suite Application and Synchronize this with our data base, is this possible please provide some guide line in this.

    Actually we did not want to use the Bluetooth API's also.

    Our Major Aim is to access the data from the phone without Bluetooth or GPRS connection.

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    Re: Extending Functionality of Noika PC suite

    You may be able to do it using the PC Suite API's.

    Unfortunatly the public ones are a bit limited.
    The 3.0 API's provide more of what you are trying to do, but you need to be a pro member in order to access this.

    It might be possible you could get this through a partnering API request.

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