Help... Does anyone know how to adjust the touch sensitivity on a Nokia
N800? We have built an application that is web based to control certain functions for a young handicapped individual who is not able to hold the stylus pen...

We have made the control buttons on this website (the Hypertext Links) very large so that they show up taking up almost 1/4 of the screen of the N800 web browser.

Our goal was to have this individual use the single finger they have control of to touch the screen which in turn would fire off the hypertext submit button applications causing the servers / robotics / servos to perform the desired action for this person. The problem is the touch sensitivity is not adjustable.

As such the screen does not accept the touch unless it is pressed very hard or with the fingernail, or stylus... All three of these are not options for this individual. They can basicly pick-up a finger and lightly press the screen in the appropriate area.

We have noticed that the screen based hand typing keyboard on the N800 is much more sensative then when the device is in web browser mode so there must be some screen sensitivity control option.

If you have any thought please send them to me directly at