Objective : To create and install a WINSCW sis file on the emulator.

I am following instructions found at here and my objective is to build and install a sis file on the emulator and after researching this I am still failing with 'File Corrupted' when opening the sis file within the emulator.

My Steps :

1. Acquired Developer certificate bound to emulator's 000000000000000 IMEI.
2. Compile/Linked my project.
3. Created a pkg file that points to the WINSCW binaries (one EXE and one DLL) instead of the gcce binaries.
4. Used CreateSis tool to create and sign my sis file. This was fine.
5. The instructions in the link above in regards to installing the emulator root certificates are a bit vague

"To solve the problem, unzip the file to your current SDK installation folder."

So I unzipped the file into my "C:\Symbian\9.1" installation folder and "C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\Epoc32" folder (and a few others too).

What have I missed here ???

I'm guessing that the emulator root certificate installation hasnt been done properly due the the vagueness of that bit of the instructions.

Any glimmering pearls of wisdom would be appreciated. I am wasting time and want to get on with testing etc.