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    Completely confused NEWBIE

    Being new to Nokia and Java unfortunately I completely confused, can someone please help me understand.

    Does JME really support web services?

    My understanding from the documentation JME supports WS-I BP 1.1, but when I attempt to create a stub proxy for my NET C# web service Carbide.j complains the web service is not complaint. I ran my web service through WS-I complainacy checks, which it passed.

    So what's the problem ?????

    Also what devices support web services, and what the difference between ordinary edition SDK's and FP (feature Packs).

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    Re: Completely confused NEWBIE

    The phone's Java implementation supports Web services if the Web Services API (JSR-172) is supported. For example S60 phoens starting from 3rd Edition support that API. There are also some Series 40 phones which support this API (some of them only partially, see details in here

    The Feature Packs are incremental smaller updates to the platform. Although sometimes there is a lot of new APIs introduced with a new Feature Pack too. Chek the link above to get some kind of an idea.
    Note that the phone belongs to certain edition (and feature pack) you cannot update the firmware to newer edition (or feature pack). So you cannot add more APIs on the platform.


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